Return & Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy


Helsim offers a 30 day from the delivery date satisfaction guarantee for all products based on the following:



If you have ordered a product from Helsim and decide the product is not for you, we can accept returns even if the product is opened. All returns must be requested within 30 days of the delivery date.

All items must be pre-approved for return by emailing us at Basically, if you simply send a product back without contacting us, we cannot facilitate a corresponding return.

Customers are responsible for shipping costs back to Helsim. The refund is calculated as such: Customer total order minus S&H (if applied) minus a 20% restocking fee.

After processing, refunds take 5-10 business days to post in the customer's account. Refunds are issued to the credit used in the transaction. Any and all shipping costs are non-refundable.



To be eligible for a reshipment on your damaged or incorrect item, you must first email us within 7 days of receiving your order at to alert us of the damage along with a picture of the damage. We will ship out a replacement, if available. If a replacement is not available, we will refund the full purchase price of your item. 




To prevent fraud & protect Helsim from customers abusing the return policy, Helsim limits all returns to up to 2 unique items per customer. Any refunds that are requested outside of two items will be given the option to exchange for another Helsim product. 

To prevent fraud and protect Helsim from customers abusing the return policy, Helsim has the right to refuse a return/refund if the customer has taken advantage of the policy previously. For example, if a customer has returned one product, then decides to initiate another return afterwards to attempt to get their money back despite using the product, Helsim has the right to refuse any additional returns or refunds after the first refund. This policy applies to any/all returns for the same order or with new orders. It is at Helsim's sole discretion to refuse additional refunds/returns after one has already been granted.

After an order has been placed, a customer may email to adjust chosen products. If Helsim is able to accommodate any switches of products prior to shipment, the right to refund or return any adjusted items is waived due to the customer requesting specifically to adjust the original order. 

 A product must be returned in order for a refund to take place, even if it has been used in its entirety.




“International” is defined as any and all countries outside of the United States of America.

All international sales are final and are under no circumstance eligible for refund.

Partial refunds will be determinant on an individual basis.

Lost items are deemed the customers responsibility and damage packages are the only packages that will be re-shipped



  • Orders cancelled prior to fulfillment are entitled to a full refund.
  • We will provide and pay for a return label if the mishap (incorrect or defective item) is our error.
  • Refunds are issued to the payment method used in the transaction. Any and all shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Any packages returned to us by the designated carrier because the customer was not available to receive the package or due to incorrect shipping information may be subject to additional shipping costs to reship.
  • Packages lost by the shipping carrier are not eligible for a refund.In this situation, we ask that you contact the carrier with your tracking number and they will be able to assist you with the location of your order.
  • If a package is lost or damaged within transit, Helsim will reship it at no additional cost. Helsim will not refund an order if it is lost or damaged in transit.
  • All orders marked as “Delivered” with valid tracking information cannot be refunded if the customer cannot locate the item. The customer will need to contact the shipping carrier directly on where the package was left.
  • Any orders delivered to the wrong address due to a customer error are non-refundable. If an order has been shipped and a customer notices the wrong address, Helsim is not responsible for redirecting the shipment to the correct address or bearing the cost with changing an address mid-transit.